36 quai de l'Estuaire
17120 Mortagne-sur-Gironde
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Domaine du Meunier


Parias family

In 1865 Victorin Parias created the Minoterie Parias, located facing the port of Mortagne-sur-Gironde. His two sons continue the business under the name Parias Frères. The flour is shipped by gabarres to the big cities on the left bank of the Gironde. One of the two Parias sons, Jules, had the Maison du Meunier built in 1893 for his wife Marie Croizier and their ten children. Parias Frères mill stopped in the 1970s. The descendants of the Parias family moved on to other trades and other places in the world. Le Domaine du Meunier is sold several times but remains uninhabited for a long time and falls more and more in ruins.

From Netherlands to Mortagne….

In the meantime … After spending her baccalaureate in the Netherlands, Ariane van Tuyll spent a year in 1991 in Pyrénées Atlantiques as an au-pair with bakers who make organic bread. She falls in love with France, language and … bread!

Back in Amsterdam she studied French at the University of Amsterdam. At the beginning of 1996 she meets Coen ter Kuile who has hir first bar located right in the center of Amsterdam, right next to the Faculty of Arts! Coen having lived in France and having worked for a miller by distributing flour among bakers, shares this same love for France and bread. Coen still has two restaurants and Ariane runs a theater festival before they discover Le Domaine du Meunier on the port of Mortagne-sur-Gironde at the end of 2003.

Their dream will devour their lives! They restore and decorate the big house as well as the industrial buildings next to the house and welcome you today with a lot of pleasure!